A round-table discussion about queer performing arts at Dansens Hus, Oslo

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Malin is participating to a discussion »Dilemma« about queer performing arts at Dansens Hus Oslo, Norway, November 17 at 5 PM.

Dilemma asks: What is gay art? Is it enough if the dancers are gay, or must the art also have a gay theme? How are gay subjects expressed through art? Why do some dancers choose to create gay art? Does gay art only appeal to gay people, or does it have just as much value for straight people? Many aspects of gay art will be examined in this discussion, but one of the main focuses is on the balance between the personal and the artistic expression of the artists taking part in the discussion.

Chairperson will be Kaia Glenne Lund and the other artists are Liv Bugge, Ulf Nilseng and Tonje Gjevjon.

More information can be found here!