Hagar Malin Hellkvist Sellén/MHS has worked as a choreographer for almost twenty years and has established herself as a strong feminist voice within the Swedish performing arts scene. MHS’s work explores choreography as a physical and linguistic practice. Her work renegotiates the boundaries of what is possible and dismantles the thresholds to choreographic spaces. MHS is interested in identity, sexuality, norm-creative perspectives and marginalized histories. She creates work from a queer perspective.

Among her works include »Log driver love« (2019), »Parveln« (2018), »The missionary« (2016), » I remember you as you were then« (2013), »”Ongoing”« (2012), »Within reasonable limits« (2010), »Pink promises« (2008) and »Better people«(2006). MHS first publication »Malin Hellkvist Sellén WORKS 2003—2010 Texts by Hanna Wilde« was produced 2012-2013 in Swedish and English.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Sofia Runarsdotter

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