The time it takes is the newest creation from Hagar Malin Hellkvist Sellén. A performance that communicates through choreography instead of the written word. Premiers 26th of January 2023 at Dansens Hus Elverket in Stockholm.

Women and forest – a queer choreographic forest study of women’s relationship to the forest in history, present and future. Premiere autumn 2021.

About power, massive movements and those who cross lines.

A performance about timber, queer intimacy and spring water that calls. Opened at Norrlandsoperan in Umeå November 2019.

»Parveln« is a performance about the literary critic, essayist and translator Klara Johanson (1875 – 1948).

»The missionary« is a performance about lesbian Christian missionaries in Norrland, Sweden in the early 1900s.

In »I remember you how you were then«, Malin Hellkvist Sellén is interested in the feeling of being unable to let go – of people, relationships, places and events.

A choreographic work which has a starting point in a conversation and  a collaboration between Malin and Minna Elif Wendin. Conversation between Malin and Minna, in general and with anyone.

You have longed for this. Dance that you can feel. A group of people with more or less unusual steps. A concrete and poetical representation. A choreography in between problem and liberation. Movingly simple.

»Pink promises« takes off in an investigation of bodies, identity and contemporary dance in relation to Swedish bandstand (in Swedish “dansband”) culture and music

»A christian evening« is an attempt at a physical and philosophical reflection on body, critique and christianity.

»The principles« is a piece about norms for the performance of bodies, movement and choreography. It dealt with the constructions of itself, on conventions, definitions and on issues of power surrounding choreography.

»King Kristina« might have been Sweden’s first queer feminist work of dance for children and it was marketed as a courageous show for grade school children. The work deals with themes of love, identity and respect.

»They give thought body« was an attempt to integrate queer theory into the choreographic work in theme as well as in method and expression.

»Paradigm« was produced at the University of Dance and was Malins final project at the program of choreography.

»Project – gender neutral army on a mission« was an attempt to create a language of gender neutral movement. The process was a physical examination of form, movement, time, space and energy, and an analysis of what is perceived as gender specific in a contemporary dance context.

»Solo« was created in 1998 as Malin’s first solo for her twenty year old self during the program of choreography but it has lived on since.