»”Ongoing”« revolves around conversation.

A choreographic work which has a starting point in a conversation and  a collaboration between Malin and Minna Elif Wendin. Conversation between Malin and Minna, in general and with anyone.

As its name indicates, the work is ongoing, and has met its audience in different forms, in a conversation box in various public places, as a staged presentation on dance stages, in text, and now in the future it is hoped that the transparent conversation space that Malin has designed will become a stationary space somewhere in Sweden, as a place for free conversation.

IDEA, CHOREOGRAPHER: Malin Hellkvist Sellén CHOREOGRAPHIC ARTIST: Minna Elif Wendin LIGHT DESIGN: Chrisander Brun ASSISTENT: Linda McAllister PHOTOGRAPHERS: Åse Bengtsson Helin, Anna Classon DOCUMENTATION/DRAWINGS: Elin Hallberg, Anneli Furmark, Helena Öström, Anna Classon, Richard Dore DOCUMENTATION/ TEXTS: Helena Östrom, Josefin Larsson Olin CONVERSATION PARTNERS: everyone who participated to the conversation in the box. PRODUCTION: Malin Hellkvist Sellén, Magnus Nordberg/Nordberg Movement

“Ongoing” was produced in cooperation with NorrlandsOperan, Stora Teatern and MDT  with support from The Swedish Art Council and Stockholms Kulturförvaltning.