Project – gender neutral army on a mission

»Project – gender neutral army on a mission« was an attempt to create a language of gender neutral movement. The process was a physical examination of form, movement, time, space and energy, and an analysis of what is perceived as gender specific in a contemporary dance context.

The ambition was to create an abstract contemporary work using traditional choreographic components, but to methodologically work to surpass certain patterns of movements, moves, directions and positions in space, which would or could be associated or linked to any specific gender. Stringency and accuracy in expression expanded the interpretive space.

In concrete terms the work was about trying to implement a gender-perspective in the choreographic work practice and it was a first step in finding good methods to achieve this. The work challenged traditional interpretation and was a terminological elaboration and play with the abstract. Project – gender neutral army on a mission is a dense, formal and peculiar work, in which the collective plays a central part in both the creation and the critique of structure.

CHOREOGRAPHY: Malin Hellkvist Sellén DANCE: Jennie Lindström, Andrea Svensson, Anna Eriksson, Malin Vallström, Linn Johansson COSTUME: Malin Hellkvist Sellén, Lena Lindgren LIGHTDESIGN: Johan Larje

Length 25 min
Premiere University of Dance Stockholm, Sweden 2000.

Project – gender neutral army on a mission was produced as a part of the University of Dance program of choreography.